Courtney Cairo

My passion is knowing that the light in me will always find the light in you that will guide me in providing the intuitive therapeutic massage that your body, mind and spirit need to restore vibrant health.– Courtney Cairo

My initial interest in massage began when I started using essential oils, I have always been passionate about aromatherapy and what oils match specific needs. (Anne Williams, Essential oils for the Body, Mind, and Spirit) When I started envisioning the idea of turning my love for oils into a career path I decided to do more research into massage. Massage offered a modality to combine aromatherapy and bodywork to enhance someone’s life. Having never received massage before, I went to Center for Massage & Natural Health to see what they had to offer. I would be learning things I had never even considered before this “vision” of a career change. Being able to use oils and massage to help people was what I wanted to do with my life. Combining essential oils with massage creates such a healing experience. Depending on the needs of my client, I can use oils on the body for pain relief as well as helping ease the mind and spirit.  After receiving my first massage and enrolling in school, I felt as though I had finally found my purpose in life.

Postural assessment is important to figure out exactly which muscles are shortened, and which are lengthened to know where to begin. I do not have a routine massage protocol; my massages are based off my clients’ pain patterns and needs. I am a very intuitive practitioner, and this intuition is used regularly in my session.  I enjoy educating my clients about the techniques, modalities, and oils I use to help resolve their issues. Providing stretching techniques and other valuable self-care information to teach my clients to help themselves in between massage sessions. Knowledge can be life-changing. If you are looking for an intuitive, therapeutic massage that is custom designed to your specific physical, emotional, or spiritual condition Acu-Na Wellness Center and myself are a wonderful match for you.

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