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3-Step Electro Lymphatic Detox

This is an advanced, electronically-assisted lymphatic drainage and detoxification treatment. It combines high frequency, micro-current, and color light therapy. It gently stimulates the meridians, stimulates the lymph, increases the drainage of toxins in connective tissues, and provides electrical revitalization of cells. The stream of electrons temporarily disorganizes and releases the electrical bonds of non-functional protein chains, lumps, and accumulations. This lymphatic movement technology more quickly and effectively cleans out the lymph system more naturally and significantly than any other. The focus of this treatment is to empower the organs and natural systems of the body at the cellular level to do what they were programmed to do. This is a great treatment for weight loss or cellulite, and it’s fantastic for full body rejuvenation!

Non-Surgical Abdominal, Saddle Bag, Under Arm Reduction Program

This eight-week program (eight one-hour sessions) helps resolve stubborn fat accumulation, reduce cellulite, and tighten loose skin to help you create your ideal body shape. This series of eight one-hour long sessions combines electronically-assisted lymphatic drainage with cupping, micro-current stimulation, and massage. This highly effective program includes guidance on healthy body composition and healthy digestion using food therapy.


When we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good we look good!  So, let’s do it the healthy, natural way.

Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation
Micro-current “Natural Face-Lift” Session
Acu-Na Signature Organic Facial
Organic Facial with Glycolic/Lactic/or TCA Peel
Organic Facial with Glycolic/Lactic/or TCA Peel (Package of 4)

Creating an experience that is uniquely yours, these signature spa treatments will cleanse the spirit, quiet the mind, and heal the soul so your visions and dreams come into fruition without interruption.

Acu-Na Signature Ayurvedic Herbal Spa Package – 90 min
Acu-Na Signature Magic Body Mender Spa Package – 90 min
Acu-Na Exclusive Trimming & Toning Spa Package – 90 min
Sacred Coconut Body Ritual - 90 min
Island Escape Facial and Body Renewal Package – 2 hour
Scrub, Wrap & Rub – 90 min
Body Scrub & Moisturizing Treatment – 60 min
Create Your Own Signature Spa Treatment: Choose from the following

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