5 Signs of Imbalance in the Fire Element

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5 element

The Chinese Medical paradigm has roots in a concept known today as the Five Elements or the Five Phases. The Five Element theory is a way of understanding the qualities of natural phenomena and the relationships that connect them to the human body. According to this system of correspondences, each Element (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood) has a relationship to a particular season of the year, organ system, and emotional pattern.

The Fire Element governs the season of summer, the Heart organ, the blood vessels, and the emotion of Joy. Imbalances in the Fire Element lead to certain symptoms or patterns of disease. These imbalances can be exacerbated during the summer, when the Fire is most active in the environment and within our bodies. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may benefit from acupuncture treatments that focus on harmonizing the Fire Element.


  1. Insomnia: Heat (agitation) in the Heart leads to restless sleep, frequent waking during the night, and sometimes night sweats. This pattern can be treated with acupuncture and the natural supplements we carry from Sanesco, Herbpharm, and Snow Lotus Essential Oils.
  2. Heart Palpitations: Mild palpitations feel like a slight flutter in the chest, and can occur frequently or occasionally. They indicate that the energy of the Heart is not properly rooted. They are effectively treated with acupuncture.
  3. Poor Circulation/High Blood Pressure: The Heart governs the blood vessels throughout the body. If the heart is weakened or overstimulated, it has difficulty regulating the circulatory system and blood flow. Acupuncture helps regulate the constriction and dilation of the vessels to improve circulation and naturally lower blood pressure. Metagenics also carries an effective natural medication that regulates blood pressure.
  4. Cystitis/Bladder Infections: In Chinese medicine, urinary infections can be caused indirectly by Heat in the Heart draining downward. This pattern is treated with a specific potent Chinese herbal formula prescribed by your acupuncturist.
  5. Anxiety/Moodiness: The Heart regulates the blood, and in Chinese medicine the blood houses the emotions. If the Heart is unable to regulate the blood properly, one can experience anxiety, frequent mood swings, and even manic states. Anxiety is effectively treated with acupuncture.


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