Acupuncture for Self-Care

Acupuncture for Self-Care at Acu-Na Wellness Center

Celebrating YOU

Is your Self Care Routine Missing Something?

If you’re not receiving monthly acupuncture treatments, you are missing out on one of the most beneficial therapies around. Keeping yourself healthy and nurtured allows us to bring our best self to all our relationships. When you feel good you are a better partner, mother, father, caregiver etc.  We want to help you live your fullest best life!

If you’ve never experienced an acupuncture treatment, you might think that the idea of getting stuck with needles for RELAXATION sounds like a joke. You’d be surprised to hear that people who receive acupuncture report deep tranquility, stress relief, reduced anxiety, and significant pain relief. And the best part? There are no side effects! Acupuncture is completely safe when performed by licensed acupuncturists, who study for over 4 years and pass multiple national board exams before picking up their needles.

So, should acupuncture be part of your monthly self-care routine?

Do you need better sleep?

            Everyone can agree that sleep promotes health. Poor sleep contributes to everything from weight gain to faster aging. Luckily, your acupuncturist can help! Studies show that acupuncture promotes deeper REM sleep and improved production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Acupuncture patients fall asleep faster, remain in restful sleep for longer, and wake up more refreshed.

More Rejuvenating than a Nap

During your acupuncture treatment, you’ll most likely fall asleep or fall into the deep relaxation of the daytime “acupuncture nap”. Once your practitioner places your points, you will be left to rest peacefully for 20-30 minutes where you are lulled by soft music, pleasant essential oil aromatherapy, a nice warm massage table, and the calming effects of your acupuncture points. Most people experience profound relaxation during this time. After your treatment, which may include cupping therapy or even hot stone massage, you will slowly return from this state of pure bliss and feel more grounded and settled throughout your day. Normally stressful situations will feel less urgent due to feeling balanced and truly rested.

Is your life stressful?

Many of the leading medical doctors today believe that all illness is caused by stress. The link between stress and disease has been understood by Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. The connection between body and mind is finally getting recognition in western medicine as well. Dr. Mark Hyman (medical advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton) has said, “There is a dramatic and powerful connection between your mind and body. In fact, it really should not be called a connection because it is just one bi-directional system. Ninety-five percent of all illness is caused or worsened by stress.”

Many medical studies have shown that acupuncture treatments lower the stress hormone cortisol and stimulate the release of endorphins in the brain. These feel-good chemicals combat the harmful effects of daily stressors and help regulate your emotional wellbeing.

Disease Prevention

            Acupuncture has been shown to help detoxify the body from the daily exposures to pollution, chemicals, and toxins found in the air and in our food. Our tissues and cells are damaged every day by environmental toxins and oxidative stress, and acupuncture can help reverse these unhealthy changes by supporting the natural immune response of the cells and lymphatic system. Reducing the body’s toxic load will reduce your chances of developing disease later in life, including cancers and auto-immune diseases that are unfortunately on the rise.

Do your emotions get out of whack?

            You may not know that Chinese medicine can work with the emotional wellbeing as well as physical health. In the Chinese five element system, every emotion is related to a corresponding organ system. For example, anger and irritability are emotions ruled by the liver. An imbalance in the liver system is commonly associated with feelings of frustration and short temper. This does NOT mean that your anger is caused by liver disease. However, your acupuncturist can choose points that affect the liver energy and you’ll find yourself having more patience in difficult situations and feeling less frustration with your spouse or coworkers.

Depression is another commonly treated emotional imbalance. In Chinese medicine, the heart controls the emotion of joy. When the heart energy is strong, you find happiness in daily life and thrive in social interactions. This energy is commonly suppressed by stress and chemical imbalances that can be reversed by regular acupuncture treatments. Many of our patients who come for pain or physical issues, report that they are suddenly happier and more at peace. We can work on the mind, body, and spirit all at once. This is what true wellness looks like!

Do you have pain?

            Acupuncturists are well-known for their ability to reduce pain, often in just one treatment. Our patients find instant relief of low back pain, neck pain, arthritis, headaches, and muscle aches. Most of them have been living with pain for YEARS or even decades, not knowing that the solution could be so simple. Most people see significant improvement within one to four acupuncture treatments, and with a monthly maintenance tune-up they can live the rest of their lives moving freely and doing all the activities that bring them joy and fulfillment. You too deserve to feel the lightness and happiness that comes from being free of pain.


3 Tips for Acupuncture Self Care

Find a QUALIFIED acupuncturist. You want someone who went to at least 4 years of graduate school and passed the NCCAOM national certification board exams. (All of the acupuncturists at Acu-Na Wellness Center are highly trained and excellent practitioners and are Nationally Certified). People who practice “dry needling” have often just attended a few weekend courses and may put you at risk of injury. Moreover, they are trained only in trigger point therapy and can’t offer you help with the deeper systems of the body (disease prevention, sleep, emotions, etc).

Try it more than once. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect. The relief you get from one treatment will be extended after your next treatment—each session builds on the last. Your relief lasts longer and longer after each session and depending on your goals, once you’re feeling great you can maintain the results with just one monthly treatment.

Tell your acupuncturist about anything and everything. Your practitioner should be your trusted partner in wellness. Don’t be afraid to tell us anything! We spend entire weeks of our training talking about poop. Knowing more about your history helps us find patterns and treat you as a whole person. You’ll get the most of out of your treatments if you stay open to addressing the many different aspects of your health and wellness.


You will feel like the best version of YOUR SELF when you add acupuncture to your self-care routine. Your team at Acu-Na is honored to help you on your path to wellness!


Our monthly wellness program is designed to help you get what you need out of your care at Acu-Na Wellness Center. You can receive unlimited acupuncture, massage therapy, and skin care facials at 20% savings by becoming a VIP wellness member. No hidden fees or commitments, just 6 months of self care for $72 per treatment. We want you to feel great and try everything we have to offer at Acu-Na! We also offer community acupuncture for additional cost savings.


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