Bettye Dorn

Bettye Dorn, CFMW


Since she was a child, Bettye has been sensitive to the energies of the world. In 2012 she finally started taking classes to begin to understand the energetic sensitivities that the world at large was not acknowledging. In 2017 she started studying the tools of Access Consciousness® and took her first Access Consciousness Bars® class.  She realized it is not something you understand; you just know.


Bettye is a Certified Bars Practitioner and Facilitator with Access Consciousness®. Since having her first Bars® session, the following shifts have happened for Bettye.

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  • Overall sense of calm and happiness
  • Better relationships of all kinds
  • Greater awareness of her physical body
  • Increased connection to nature
  • Acknowledgement of choice and possibility for herself and others
  • Reduced judgement of herself and others


Using a simple technique, Bettye gently touches specific points on the head to assist the receiver in releasing any thoughts, feelings, or emotions that are no longer serving them. This creates space for them to create and choose, thus being the true gift they are to the world. It is like defragging your brain – getting rid of the junk so things run more smoothly.


Bettye truly desires to empower people to know that they know and that all of life does some to them with ease, joy, and glory!