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Our inspirational and transformational workshops focus on self help, healing and more.


Wellness Events

Wellness Events

Acu-Na Wellness Events build community and support personal growth. Wellness events range from fun gatherings (such as fire and drum circles) to deeper personal growth topics. Our wellness events bring many wise women and men teachers who share their gifts. Teachers come from many indigenous cultures such as Native American, Peru and Africa.


Acu-Na Wellness Events help with:

  • Integrating the wisdom of indigenous medicine
  • Experiencing the health benefits of reconnecting with nature
  • Discovering and embracing one’s natural gifts
  • Expressing gifts and authentic selves to the world
  • Opening the heart
  • Learning to love one’s self
  • Going deeper and expanding spiritual awareness
  • Releasing and healing past traumas
  • Finding and releasing the root causes of issues
  • Learning how to speak in one’s true voice
  • Identifying and letting go of mental traps and ego games
  • Learning to be with heightened energy sensitivities
  • Releasing and resolving family karma and more
  • Building internal energy/qi

We look forward to getting to know you and invite you to join our Acu-Na community!

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