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Holistic Health Consultation

This is comprehensive counseling program unites ancient Chinese medicine with modern health principals. This multi-pronged approach helps Acu-Na’s practitioners evaluate and treat functional imbalances in the body. Issues that can be addressed include emotional, physical and digestive health matters; dietary concerns, immune system issues, and more. Acu-Na counseling customizes a holistic treatment plan for you, addressing clinical imbalances to ultimately restore optimal health and wellness.

Let us create a personal treatment plan to optimize your health. Using a natural medicinal approach, we create a program designed to reduce and eliminate symptoms of chronic disease. We work in conjunction with modern medicine, reviewing your medical history thoroughly. So, bring us recent lab tests and a list of any medications you are currently taking.

Acu-Na Counseling offers natural, holistic approaches addressing clinical imbalances often associated with chronic disease. Issues such as weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, blood sugar regulation problems, depression, hot flashes, irritable bowel syndrome, can all be addressed naturally. Symptoms and side-effects may be caused by •Neurotransmitter and hormonal imbalances •Digestive, absorption and microbiological imbalances •Nutritional deficiencies •Oxidation-reduction imbalances •Detoxification imbalances •Immune imbalances •Inflammatory imbalances •Structural imbalances.

Holistic Health Consult and Acupuncture Combo

Restore your vibrant health and enjoy life to the fullest! Acu-Na’s consultations improve your health and quality of life with natural methods! Then, when combined with acupuncture (which restores internal functions and alleviates pain), it creates a combination which balances your body and puts you on the road to wellness.

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The Latin root of ‘diet’ is to lead one’s life; it is a manner of living.  This comprehensive consultation incorporates ancient dietary guidelines with the modern knowledge of nutritional essentials. It can help you use food as a vital healing force to overcome illness, promote healthy metabolism, and reach optimal wellness, body composition and weight loss goals.  Alcat Food Sensitivity Testing is available.

Lifestyle Guidance

Acu-Na’s holistic health counseling offers a Lifestyle Guidance Session. A Lifestyle Guidance Session will help you first address where things in your life are out of balance or stagnant. We’ll identify your strengths and anything that blocks you from living your best life. We use the principles of the Fire Element to help you banish negativity, purify and cleanse you, balance your energy, and to give you the confidence to accomplish the goals you set to fulfill your potential. The Fire Element is associated with enlightenment, illumination and radiant brilliance. Let us assist you with the tools to utilize the Fire Element to transform your life.

Self-Discovery Guidance

The Self-Discovery Guidance Session is another Acu-Na Wellness Center offering for holistic health counseling. The Self-Discovery Guidance Session is designed to assist in rediscovering and reconnecting you with your original true nature. Once you reconnect with the divine qualities planted in you, you can manifest and bring those divine virtues forth into the world.

At the moment of conception, heaven plants a seed of potential deep within each individual. Throughout life, heaven continually nourishes this seed so that it manifests fully in the world. The fulfillment of our destinies entails being able to acknowledge the natures of the seeds heaven has planted, seeds synonymous with our deep natures and inborn constitutions. Although heaven may plant the seed of original nature in each person, it cannot ensure that each individual will be true to this nature and thus fulfill destiny.  Fulfilling destiny is ultimately a personal choice. Through our domestication or life experiences, the “knowingness” of our true nature is lost. As a result we may feel unhappy, unfulfilled, out of balance, discontent, lost, anxious, depressed… you get the picture. These are mere symptoms of the disconnect from our true original natures.

Acu-Na’s holistic health counseling can help you reconnect to your true self. Once you reconnect with YOUR true nature, you will be more equipped to rewrite YOUR story and bring YOUR virtues and YOUR uniqueness into this world. In health- the heart, mind, and will, act in synergy. In illness, however, these three functions can be seen to act independently as the will initiates action, ignoring the heart in a vain attempt to satisfy the mind’s desire.

This guidance is non-denominational. All spiritual beliefs are welcomed and included.

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