Have you tried our enhancements for a customized spa visit?

Customize Your Visit with a Scalp Massage

You already know that we offer therapeutic massage, effective acupuncture, and beautifying skincare. But did you know that you have many more options to add to the bliss of your experience at Acu-Na? We offer a variety of enhancements and add-ons that give new dimension to our wide array of services. Why not try something new today?

Enhancements for massage or acupuncture to create a customized spa visit

Your session always includes these free options: hot stone therapy, warm towels, and aromatherapy. We believe in giving you an incredible experience every single time you walk through our doors. But why stop there? We offer the following enhancements to further customize your session and introduce you to another therapeutic modality that you may be curious about.

Customize your session for just $15 with the options below…

  • Scalp Massage with Signature Ayurvedic Oil: This blissful experience utilizes the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic herbal medicine with a luscious herb-infused hair oil. Relish the sensation of warm, scented oil lovingly massaged into your scalp to rejuvenate the skin, hair, and spirit. The herbs have an amazingly calming effect on your nervous system, and you melt into a state of pure relaxation. Your hair will be more lustrous and your scalp will feel healthy and new.
  • Acu-Na Abdominal Massage: Your therapist will use gentle and soothing techniques to relieve tension and improve the health of all the organs in your abdomen. This relaxing massage is also highly beneficial for detoxification and improving circulation in the core of your body.
  • Abdominal Herbal Oil Pack Treatment: We use Acu-Na’s signature herb-infused oil blend and place a warm oil pack over your abdomen, focusing on the area of the liver. This treatment improves lymph flow, detoxifies the liver and abdominal organs, and improves circulation. This is an excellent option to improve immune system function and relieve chronic disorders by reducing inflammation and encouraging your body’s natural ability to detoxify and invigorate your system.
  • Exfoliating Foot or Back Scrub Treatment: Say goodbye to dry, rough skin with this invigorating scented sugar scrub. Not only does it feel wonderful, but you will be amazed at how smooth and lovely your skin becomes.
  • Reflexology: This therapeutic foot treatment focuses on specific points on the feet that correspond to the areas and organ systems of the body in order to restore balance and relieve pain throughout the body. Relieve sore, tired feet while improving the function of your whole body.
  • Reiki: This gentle hands-on energy work activates the natural healing processes of the body to restore physical and emotional wellbeing. Profoundly relaxing and deeply healing, you will experience improved vitality and a sense of wellbeing.
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy: Using soft touch, your therapist releases restrictions in the central nervous system by focusing on the skull, spine, and sacrum. Restoring proper flow to the cerebrospinal fluid relieves a variety of conditions including pain, headache, and more.
  • Cupping: Gentle suction is applied to restore blood and oxygen circulation to the tissues, releasing muscle tension and alleviating pain. This therapy is excellent for stimulating lymphatic flow and improving the immune system to detoxify the body and restore optimal health.
  • Moxa: A traditional Chinese medicine technique where dried mugwort herb is burned near specific points or areas of the body in order to add energy and nourishment to the system. The gentle deep warming sensation is excellent for arthritis, aches and pains, and also has the added benefit of stimulating the immune system to fight disease.

Customize your session for just $20 with the options below…

  • Ceremonial Drumming: This is a form of vibrational sound healing created with a Native American drum. The rhythmic drumming soothes your nervous system and promotes deep relaxation, allowing you to release negative patterns in your body and your life.
  • Exfoliating Full Body Scrub: Enjoy a luxurious full-body exfoliation to leave you with renewed vibrant skin.

Enhancements for Facials

Customize your session for just $15 with the options below…

  • Extractions: gentle removal of blemishes on the skin
  • Decollate Rejuvenation (Neckline Enzyme Peel): restore youthful skin with a gentle exfoliating peel on the neckline to reduce sun spots and wrinkles.
  • Hand Rejuvenation (Enzyme Peel): restore youthful skin on the hands
  • Waxing (ask for pricing): smooth the facial areas as needed
  • Microcurrent (ask for pricing): stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines, and plump the skin with this gentle noninvasive frequency light therapy.

30-minute add-ons: These enhancement options will extend your session time by 30 minutes

  • Reiki, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy: 30 minutes $45 Regular Price/$36 Member price
  • Amethyst Biomat Session Following your Regular Session: $25 for 30 minutes on the far infrared healing biomat to promote deep relaxation, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system with gentle nourishing warmth and negative ion therapy.

Customize your next session at Acu-Na Wellness Center and enter a new dimension of blissful healing!

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