Detox with Vitamin C, Glutathione and Acu-Na’s Support

What Most People Don’t Know About Vitamin C
Humans are one of the very few mammals who are NOT able to synthesize our own Vitamin C in the liver. Goats, who are notorious for eating toxic and non-food items, normally produce 13,000 Mg of Vitamin C per day. But when they are exposed to high levels of toxic substances or pathogens from their diet, they can create up to 100,000 Mg of Vitamin C to protect themselves!
Most Vitamin C researchers believe that in the distant past, humans were able to synthesize this vital nutrient like most other animals do. Eventually for some unknown reason, a genetic defect appeared that turned off the expression of the gene that allows us to convert glucose into Vitamin C. It is theorized that our life spans would be dramatically longer if we were still able to provide ourselves with this essential nutrient in sufficient quantities.
Unfortunately, most forms of oral Vitamin C are barely absorbed at all by the body. There is no significant difference in blood concentrations between people who take 100mg of Vitamin C in pill form vs. those who take 2,000 mg per day in pill form. Data suggests that only 1/10th of the oral Vitamin C we ingest is actually bio-available to the tissues that need it. Lypo-spheric encapsulation technology avoids this problem and gets 10-20 times more Vitamin C via targeted delivery to the liver. This means your body gets the nutrients it needs to protect you from toxins in the environment and oxidative stress in the cells of your body. You enjoy increased longevity, wellbeing, and vibrant health!

Detoxify your cells! Vitamin C and GSH- The Master Defenders
Most of us know how important it is to detoxify our bodies from the constant exposure to toxic chemicals, pesticides, fumes, and even toxins found in our prescription medications, vaccinations, body care products, and more. If we cannot avoid exposure, it is ever-more critical to support the body’s detoxification pathways. Prevent disease by supporting your body’s natural ability to defend itself.
Glutathione (GSH) is the most powerful antioxidant found in the cells of the human body. Inside the cells, GSH is unparalleled in its disease-fighting, toxin-neutralizing, immune-boosting, and anti-aging functions. Vitamin C performs the same functions outside the cell. Vitamin C and GSH form a powerful synergy, recharging and enhancing each other. When taken together, they increase each other’s absorption and allow their actions to be performed both inside the cells and outside the cells for superior effects on multiple aspects of your health.

When taken together, GSH and Vitamin C:
• Neutralize environmental toxins in the body
• Reduce the effects of exposure to chemicals pesticides, poisons, and heavy metals
• Protect against carcinogens and help destroy cancer cells
• Strongly boost the immune system
• Repair and synthesize DNA
• Protect the brain to prevent alzheimers, parkinson’s, and psychoneurological disorders
• Defend the heart to reduce atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, and reduce heart attack damage
• Support the lungs, reducing the effects of asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis
• Protect the eyes to prevent cataracts and glaucoma
• Strongly support the liver, reducing the effects of cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and damage from alcohol or prescription drugs.
• Strong anti-aging effects for the prevention of arthritis, osteoporosis, wrinkles, and cancer.

Why Choose Liposomal Vitamin C and GSH?
A Better Way for your Body to Absorb Vitamins and Nutrients

Lypo-Spheric supplements by LivOn Labs offer cutting-edge chemistry and technology in improving absorption of vitamins and therefore greatly increasing their effectiveness. Liposomal technology increases bioavailability of supplements so they can immediately be used by the cells.
Instead of using tablets or capsules, Lypo-Spheric vitamins are delivered in a more efficient nutrient-rich gel form, which avoids additives and fillers such as capsule gelatins, coatings, binders, sugars, and coloring. This format is easier on your digestive system than ingesting high dosages of pills and powders, and it is more comfortable and affordable than IV injections.

Liposomal Encapsulation Technology—How Does it Work?
LET utilizes phospholipid liposomes to form a barrier around their contents that is resistant to digestive fluids as well as free radicals. The liposomal barrier mimics the natural phospholipid bi-layer that surrounds every cell in our body, providing superior protection from oxidation and allows the body to deliver the Vitamin C or other supplement DIRECTLY to the tissues where the nutrients will be used.
An amazing added benefit to this delivery system is that the liposomes themselves are extremely beneficial to the body. Phospholipids are the basic building block of every cell and cell membrane in the body. Since every cell requires a phospholipid bilayer for protection, the added phospholipids from the Lypo-Spheric Vitamins can replace damaged liposomes in your body, creating greater protection from pathogenic invasions and oxidative stress.

Health Benefits and Anti-Aging Properties of Essential Phospholipids (included in all LivOn Lypo-Spheric Supplements):
• Reduce total cholesterol; Raise HDL (good cholesterol) and Lower LDL (bad cholesterol)
• Reduce blood triglycerides
• Improve cardiac circulation (therefore improving circulation to hands and feet)
• Protect and rejuvenate Liver function
• Detoxify the liver and protect from the effects of alcohol, trans-fats, and environmental toxins
• Improve memory
• Improve immunity
• Prevent wrinkles and scarring

More Lypo-Speric Supplements to Nourish your Body:
Lypo-Speric R-ALA:
• Universal Antioxidant
• Promotes Healthy Insulin Sensitivity
• Maintains Healthy Glucose Levels
• Supports Optimal Nerve Health

Lypo-Spheric Acetyl-L-Carnitine:
• Supports healthy brain and nerve cell function/Improves memory
• Promotes cellular energy production
• Supports optimal neurological health and cognitive function
• May reduce the effects of oxidative stress






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