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Liz Heffernan

Elisabeth Heffernan is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has been interested in holistic health for many years now, as she grew up with two parents who believed in healthy habits and a good diet, as well as massage and acupuncture. Her mother would always talk about her massage therapist and how massage was the best thing for her mind and for her body. Because of that, Elisabeth found herself always giving her family and friends back-rubs in order for them to feel better. She wanted to somehow help people too, although she believed it would be with writing and not massage. But she found her way to American Institute of Alternative Medicine in 2014, and became licensed to practice massage in 2015.


Elisabeth customizes each massage therapy session with the patient in mind. She utilizes stretching, trigger point therapy, essential oils, etc., to make each massage different and unique. She specializes in deep tissue, especially of the neck. Elisabeth thinks of her patients like family, and treats them as such. She knows there is always more to learn, and has tried to stay humble because of that. She hopes to further her interest and career in the healing arts, and is excited about the journey.


Elisabeth’s passion is to help her patients feel the best that they can in all aspects of their life. She wants to be there for her patients in any way they need her, and to learn more in order to help them. In the meantime, she would love it if you got on her table and tried her out!

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