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Energy healing is a unique category of therapeutic modalities because it encompasses a wide array of techniques and philosophies. They all have the common goal of adjusting or harmonizing the body’s energy field, allowing your body to function optimally. Energy work helps remove intangible blockages in your system so that your nervous system and energetic centers can work harmoniously. If your energetic field is balanced, your body has the resources it needs to heal itself from physical, mental, or emotional issues. Energy workers are just like electricians working on electrical circuitry.

An example:  Reiki uses various sacred geometry to guide the universal energy to someone for a specific purpose as every sacred geometry has a specific frequency to it and every purpose has a specific frequency, just as everything in the universe has its own frequency. One can guide this specific universal energy to someone either in person or virtually.

Other forms of energy work direct this universal energy through other means like through intention, visualization and so forth. Reiki uses sacred geometry.

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