Experience the Restorative & Transformative Power of Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy: Restorative & Transformative

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive alternative healing bodywork treatment that seeks to relieve pain, stress, and tension within the skull, spine, and sacrum. By applying gentle pressure (roughly equivalent to the weight of a nickel), your treatment specialist will locate, identify, and begin to restore your body’s natural alignment. These restorative, gentle motions and techniques penetrate deeply into the affected areas. More specifically, your craniosacral therapist will apply the aforementioned gentle pressure to decompress the pained and stressed areas. These problemed areas are often the harbors of our ailments, bringing about migraines, back, neck, and spine pain, and other discomforts to our bodies. Each of these techniques affords your craniosacral therapist the opportunity to “listen with the hands,” operating with the understanding that our bodies “speak” to us. When our bodies speak, it’s important that we listen. However, it can be difficult to hear our bodies’ cries for help when our minds are constantly cluttered with distractions. This mental stress permeates our bones, tissues, and cells, creating tension and discomfort within the body. Is your body crying out for relief from neck, back, or spinal pain — or could it be? Fortunately, our experienced craniosacral therapists are excellent listeners. Ready to learn more about the restorative and transformative power of craniosacral therapy? Continue reading, or get in touch with one of Acu-Na’s experienced bodywork specialists today to discuss which of our myriad services is right for you.

How Does Craniosacral Therapy Work?

First, craniosacral treatment therapy is not and should not be confused with traditional massage; as its title dictates, the process is an alternative healing treatment for ailments of the craniosacral system. Each motion performed by your craniosacral treatment therapist is carefully administered and intended for specific areas of the head, back, and spine. Further departing from massage techniques with which you may be familiar, craniosacral treatment therapy seeks to restore mobility of the bones within the craniosacral system, without manually manipulating the bones themselves. Common traumas that signal the need for craniosacral treatment therapy can include:

  • Jamming of the bone
  • Surgical procedures
  • Cranial fractures
  • Poor daily habits that stress the bones

When your craniosacral therapist begins the process, s/he will assess any problemed areas you’ve discussed. However, don’t be alarmed or surprised when your craniosacral therapist applies gentle pressure and motion to your feet; it might sound fanciful, but our bodies’ interconnected parts function most optimally when all the connective pieces are functioning at their respective best. This includes working upwards and atop the body, culminating in the most time spent treating the connective areas around the face, neck, shoulders, and back. While a calming and relaxing experience is ensured, the sensations are quite different from those one experiences when receiving a massage; the benefits and rejuvenation brought about by craniosacral therapy are felt the hours and days following your treatment session.

Optimize Your Body

When our bodies’ energy is flowing well, we feel well. When this energy becomes hindered by injured or pained bones and joints, we feel less well. Craniosacral therapy has the transformative power to relieve you of your painful symptoms, and to optimize these incredibly important parts. Experience the restorative benefits of craniosacral therapy today.

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