Live a Heart Centered Life and Avoid the Tricks of the Mind

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Live a Heart Centered Life and Avoid the Tricks of the Mind

Live a Heart Centered LifeTrick of the Mind

The mind will try to control you and prevent you from living in the now and from your heart.  This brings us “pain”.

Most of us are veterans on the spiritual path. We have dedicated our lives to awakening and a lot has opened up for all of us. At this point spirituality, which used to seem so complex, now appears much simpler and clearer. We now can see the opposing polarities in life and we begin to become interested in the essential distinction between Heart and mind.

Heart is a word we use to describe our true essence, and everything that comes through Heart is flavored with the nature of our true Being. Heart is the source of all that is unconditional, eternally safe and without a sense of lack or limitation. It makes no difference what we are doing in the play of life, correcting a child, complimenting a co-worker or arguing with our partner, the flavor of Heart can be the source from where the speaking or actions come from. Everyone has the innate capacity to recognize this because the Heart’s expression always feels right, no matter what is happening or being said.
Mind is a word we use here to label all that is programmed, mechanical and without true essence. Mind’s job is to maintain the status quo and to “re-mind” us that we are limited, unsafe, lacking, separate and flawed. It is the very source of our suffering, and believing the mind’s messages keep us feeling forever “stuck” in loops, comparisons and struggles.
Noticing that mind is in the drivers seat when we are speaking or acting is easy, because programmed habits and limitations just don’t feel good! Simply noticing this discomfort will instantly bring us back into our Heart, if only for a moment. Regularly noticing whether Heart or mind is in charge will root us more firmly into a Heart centered life.  This deeper rooting into the Heart is vital in this new year 2013, and it is totally in alignment with the 4th dimensional Heart chakra energies being offered to all of us right now.
Even when we are very mature on the spiritual path mind dances in duality, and it’s most slippery form is commonly called the “spiritual ego”.  As we find more ease and grace in our life, mind takes on a new disguise that is flavored with books we have read, teachings we have adopted, and experiences we have had. On the most overt level we can become dogmatic or self-righteous, on the most subtle level we can deeply believe in our personal importance as helpers, teachers or healers.
In no way am I suggesting that helping others or the world is a trick of the mind, I am using this extreme example to show how the egoic aspect of mind can co-opt any thing!
Having a clear distinction between Heart and mind is a simple way to traverse the deepest waters on our journey. As we near fuller and fuller awakening in these months and years following the December 2012 gateway, it is essential to become more vigilant. Look to see whether Heart or mind is in the drivers seat, and become familiar with how Heart feels, it is your true Self!
Awakening is to be fully lived, it is not a trophy to put on display or an accomplishment for someone special. Awakening is a moment-to-moment expression of our very own Heart, and when Heart is fully established in the drivers seat it is the end of “tricks of the mind”.  At this point, our entire life becomes flavored by heart-centered love of Self, and this love flows out into our relationships and into our community. Isn’t this what you have always wanted? This one pure desire comes directly from the Heart….although beware, the mind may have something else to say about it!
To learn further explore

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment 

Eckhart Tolle (Author)
I have the cd set.  I have it in my car.  Even if I am traveling only five minutes, I listen to it.  It helps keep me energetically in the place I wish to be.  Give it a try.  Also I would love to hear your input or experience on the subject.


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