Living a Life of Passion

Mary explains that the best way to tune into your life’s passion is to ask yourself. Explore the fastest route to launching a success business around your passion.

Video Transcription

That’s the dry stuff.  “How did I get here?” and “Who are you?” and “Why should I come to you?”

One of the major things that I always almost start off with everyone, talking about, is having passion in your life. You hear that all the time, and you’re like, “Oh, I don’t want to hear that again. How do I get passion in my life? I have kids, I have a husband, I have a job that I’m not really passionate about, but I really can’t get rid of it … Don’t tell me that. I just need to keep on the drill.”

Revisit your Childhood Memories

I was in that same place. I was married, in San Diego, had two children … I had a ranch, I had chickens, horses, goats, dogs, cats … It was a great life. But there was something missing for me. I started off in nursing but I ended up as a VP in Wells Fargo Bank. One day I said, “How did all of this happen?”  This was not my plan.

And I know there’s lots of you out there saying, “What? This was not my plan. How did I get here?” That’s so critical, that you really answer that question for yourself. That is the first step in making wellness a way of life. I’ll share with you how I got that. I want to give you tidbits. I don’t want to just talk at you. I want to give you something that you can actually do today.

I started thinking about what was my passion, and I had no answer. I know that’s you, too. You have no answer. So I said, “Well, I’m good at this. I’m good at that.” That’s not your passion. Just because you are good at it … Maybe because you were already trained in it somehow; you got early exposure to it, so you became good at it. But you’re not passionate about it.

Follow Your Curiosity

Then I had to stop myself, because I realized that’s what I was doing. I said, “How can I figure out what I’m passionate about?” So I decided to go back to my childhood, where it all began. And I said, “What can I remember about anybody saying to me, all the time…” – It had to have some validity to it, right? And they always were saying, “You ask too many questions.”

“Why is the sky blue? Why does this happen? Why does that happen?” My parents had no answer. They’re not that kind of thinker. I realized I really like philosophy. I really like how the world works. That was one thing. And I remembered that I always liked martial arts. I did tai chi, I did tae kwon do, ju-jitsu …  And there was starting to have a trend here. I liked philosophy, I liked martial arts, so I got back into martial arts, and I got exposed to a gentleman that worked at the acupuncture school. He said, “Why don’t you come down and sit in to one of the classes?”

When I heard Chinese medical theory, and how it understood the body, and just the way, the look, the color of the skin … You can really listen and see what the body is telling you and what is going on inside.   I became so passionate about that. To me, I thought, “That’s medicine …” Way more than what I was doing in nursing.  Although … You nurses out there, you know I love you. You all come in because you’re stressed and you have a lot of pressure, and you know that this is the way to take care of yourself. I appreciate that you do that, and I appreciate Western medicine, totally, because it keeps a lot of people healthy, and it’s the foundation of what our medicine is, too. We just bring something different to the table.

Follow Your Dreams

I’m very passionate about that. So when you’re thinking about what you’re passionate at, go back to your childhood, see what you did all your life, see what common theme that you can see, that you were always lit up about. Look at yourself in the mirror, and when you talk about different topics, what makes your eyes light up and what makes them just look normal? When your eyes light up, there’s something inside of you that really resonates with that.

I really encourage you to look deep into yourself so you can understand what is going to make your cells happy … Inside you happy and your soul happy. Then, all the things that you do, that we can help you with, is all going to work so much better because you are in tune with yourself and caring for yourself. Many of you neglect yourself. That’s the Western world. We are running, running, running, running. I encourage you to stop, take time, reconnect with yourself, and let us help you — because that’s my passion.

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