Lymphatic Drainage & Detox

Lymphatic Acupuncture

Our Lymphatic Detox protocol includes specifically chosen acupoints to promote fluid metabolism, move stagnant lymph, and support detoxification pathways via the liver and kidneys. This treatment includes gentle gua sha, cupping, and/or tui na massage to promote circulation of the lymphatic fluid and remove blockages.

Acu-Na Exclusive Lymphatic Body Treatment

This therapeutic treatment includes our lymphatic herbal salve formulated to aid in detoxifying and draining toxins from the tissues. In a base of coconut oil, this invigorating blend increases lymphatic drainage while moistening the skin. We will first dry brush then use the lymphatic herbal salve to massage the body especially where the lymphatic system tends to accumulate. You will then be wrapped so that the salve can be maximally absorbed while you receive a scalp massage. You’ll leave flowing with firmer, smoother skin and vibrant energy!

Amethyst Crystal Biomat Advanced Detox/Lymph Wrap

This session utilizes the FDA-approved Amethyst Crystal Biomat to elevate the body temperature and induce an immune response. This is an effective way to detoxify the body, move the lymph and improve your immune system. This is especially helpful in cold and flu season to fight pathogens and strengthen your system to avoid illness. In addition, you’ll receive deep relaxation of the body and mind for pain relief and stress reduction. You will be wrapped in a mylar blanket to amplify the healing effects of the far-infrared heat as you lay on the amethyst healing biomat creating a warm cocoon of healing.


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