Maddy Aper

Maddy450.fwMy journey in healing has been with me since childhood. All my life I’ve heard the voice of my spirit calling me back home. In that journey I have traveled and shared communion in many different cultures, lifestyles, and communities. It has been through these connections my own healing and transformation began. Having the opportunity to experience so many different breaths of life has enabled me to see that regardless of our cultural and societal identifications we are all beautiful souls capable of very powerful things. That is what binds all of us together. Somehow we forgot what we really are and begin to self medicate with distracting and debilitating habits and patterns. This takes us further away from who we are and in turn pain, disease, and sickness begins to manifest within our physical bodies. When we dismiss the spirit and just focus on the body and mind we are kicking out that which is our most important essence. In my practice I find clients feel this void but they have no clue why it is there in the first place and so they search around for all of these answers that are outside of them when the answer is within them waiting for us to come back. That is the basis of my bodywork. It is to attune each client to their full capacity of what it means to be human. Bringing forth the powerful spirit and reconnecting them with their truth. This is a true and beautiful path to wellness and holistic health. Holistic health being the whole being is intact.
To bring this work to life I began to study massage therapy as a means to connect. I received degrees in Clinical Massage Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy from Red Mountain Institute for the Healing Arts located in Birmingham, Al. I graduated in 2009 and began my practice in 2011.  Since that time I have further studied elements of advanced myofascial techniques, Thai massage, healing touch, and birth doula training. I moved to Hendersonville, NC in the summer of 2014 to further study as an apprentice with a renowned Colombian healer. Through this work I am blessed to receive bountiful and pure teachings passed down by the indigenous elders of Columbia. Their work as they speak of it is the original living knowledge of the mother. Teachings so rich in wisdom that it will take a lifetime to integrate. Through these studies I have trained in deep energetic healing modalities that are focused on clearing negative habitual patterns, clearing negative cycles of self sabotage, and in turn enhancing the luminous body so that we may align to our soul’s purpose  and song. I also advocate strongly for women’s health with studies continuing in doula work, visceral realignment, and eventually midwifery.  My goal is to continue to unveil myself so that I can be of service to humanity, all living creatures, the earth, and whatever else that remains a mystery. When you receive bodywork from me it is my intent to pass whatever piece is needed to each client so that they do not just feel better physically but also feel empowered spiritually and emotionally. It is an honor and blessing to guide each person back to vitality.


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