Massage Therapy

Crystal Healing Massage Ritual
Acu-Na Integrated Massage
Acu-Na Dreamy Massage Deluxe Combo
Pregnancy Massage
Chinese Medical Tui Na Massge
Integrated Massage with Reiki
Native American Healing Session
Reflexology Massage
Acu-Na Signature Ayurvedic Herbal Spa Package – 90 min

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Our SPECIALTY MASSAGE can be tailored to achieve the following:


Reduce Mental & Physical Fatigue

When you are overtaxed and running on empty, massage services and acupuncture can help you recharge and restore the energy and creativity you need to successfully meet life’s challenges.

Trigger Relaxation Response

Heart rate & blood pressure decrease, breathing slows & deepens, tense muscles relax, digestion and restorative functions return toward normal, & your hormone balance shifts to create a state of deep relaxation.

Release of Muscle Tension

Relieves painful muscle tension that can zap your energy and releases endorphins, your body’s natural pain supressors.

Increase Circulation

Increases circulation clearing out accumulated stress hormones and waste products that make you feel tired and sore. Tissues receive vital nutrients increasing their function, and the brain receives more oxygen reducing mental fatigue and improving your ability to concentrate and attend to your personal issues.

Stimulate the Immune System

Assists the body in removing wastes and helps the body to function better.

Improve Sleep

The quality of restful sleep usually improves in the days following a session. This gives your body a chance to further repair and restore your energy levels.

Psychological Support

Finally, it gives you a measure of control. Just knowing there is something you can do to take care of yourself when you need it helps you feel less at the mercy of external events.

Frequently asked questions about our massage services:

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What do I wear during the massage?
What do I do during a massage therapy treatment?
How will a massage feel?
Will the massage oils used make me break-out?
Is a massage always appropriate?
How long will a massage treatment last?
How will I feel after the massage therapy treatment?

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