Meaning of Our Logo

Hendersonsonville & South Asheville AcupunctureThe logo consists of several parts. Let’s look at them first individually and then as a whole. This is the exact the way the logo was designed. Everything in the logo had to be relevant to the philosophy of the center. The logo was to be a symbol of what Acu-Na is all about. You’ve heard the saying, “A picture paints a thousand words.” Our logo does just that.

When you put all the symbols and their meaning together it conveys a center committed to providing comprehensive natural healing modalities in a loving way that respects the divine light in you. To us, the meaning of wellness is to assist you in your journey to “restore vibrant health” with science based nutritional medicine, healing touch, traditional Chinese medicine with emotional and spiritual support.



The Symbolism of Each Element

The word Acu-Na is a trademark created by the founder, Mary Houge, to stand for the integration of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine.

The color green was selected as it represents love, nature, family and healing. The color green symbolized the healing power of interconnectedness.

The orange circle represents the sun. The sun rises every day, reminding us that tomorrow will be a new day, a new beginning. The warm rays of the sun provide energy for growth. The sun symbolizes the healing power of our own divine light.

The lotus blossom symbolized the passage from darkness into light. The lotus is a beautiful flower that grows in muck. It reminds us that beautiful things can come from a less then desirable environment, experience or situation. Maintaining a positive attitude and a sense of hope is crucial to our well-being. The lotus symbolizes the healing power of a positive attitude.

The hands represent our practitioners. They remind us that touch is an essential healing factor in all natural therapies. We know we hold your heart in our hands when we become part of your healthcare team. We treat from our hearts. We understand that the health of your emotional heart is core to your overall well-being. This is why our emotional and spiritual support is present in every session, no matter what treatment you are receiving. The hands symbolize the healing power of touch.

The heart is in the center of the chest and the center of the seven chakras. The heart is the source of the most prominent healing energy known to man. The heart nourishes every cell in the body. It houses our sixth sense, our intuition, and our higher power. To have a healthy heart is to have a healthy body. Love and compassion are the main characteristics of the heart. The heart symbolizes the healing power of love!

This is a single Chinese character that means good health or vigor. We place this appropriately over the heart.

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