Meet Sadhvi

Sadhvi Velasquez is a Healer, Educator, Yogini, Master drummer, and Wise Woman. She’s a massage therapist and body worker for the Acu-Na Wellness Center.

Video Transcription

I’ve been working here for about a year and a half … have an awesome team: collectively we have about 35 years of experience, and this is what we have to offer anyone that walks in the door.

Tell us a little bit about what you offer, specifically.

I’m a massage therapist and body worker. Massage therapy, I do the Acu-Na Integrative Specialized Massage that the owner, Mary Houge, created for us, that uses stones, aromatherapy, hot towels … Basically, that’s warm therapy, and the essential oils incorporated in all the sessions.

In body work, I do Thai massage, I do craniosacral, I do reflexology, and pregnancy massage. If I’m doing a special, add hot stones, Native American hot stones, which is about two hours and that includes therapy, ceremony, salts, heat, aromatherapy … That is what I call the quintessential of what I do.

How can we reach you if we want to get some of that work done?

At Acu-Na Wellness Center, 828-974-7058;