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Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition Consultation
Holistic Health Consultation
The following is a brief list of topics we will cover through our holistic health consultations created to help you “make wellness a way of life.”

Create Custom Lifestyle Program

  • Asian Energetics of Food
  • Acid Alkaline Foods
  • FirstLine Therapeutic Lifestyle by Metagenics
  • Food Plan
  • Self Care Program
  • Herbal Prescriptions
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Medical Foods

The major benefit is that you will restore vital health through natural lifestyle changes creating a life free of drug dependency.

Medicine originated as food and progressed into pharmaceutical remedies. Since most symptoms are the result of a disharmony in the body, this service takes an in-depth look at exactly which vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and/or enzymes your body may be missing, along with a look at other biological conditions such as your body’s pH along with relevant biomarkers.

Good nutrition is the key to many of our health and wellness problems. Nutritional evaluation and counseling is one of the cornerstones of any natural medicine treatment plan. We are what we eat and breathe. Our air both indoors and outdoors is polluted. Our food is full of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and has lower nutritional value because it is grown in depleted soil. All these poisons and chemicals which we unwittingly put into our bodies strongly affect our endocrine system and threaten our health and well-being.

During your nutritional counseling session we will first identify your specific bio-terrain. We will then give you specific recommendations on what to eat and what to avoid eating. We will also make recommendations on what herbal, vitamin or mineral supplements might be best for you.

Providing your body with the vital nutrients it needs is the basis of any natural health regime. By eating better quality foods, cleansing the body of old toxins, and replenishing deficient vital nutrients, you will begin to feel better, feel healthier and feel more alive!

  1. If I am currently taking prescription drugs can I still begin a natural holistic health program? Yes you can and you should.  You will continue your prescription drugs while you let your doctor know that you are now in a “Lifestyle” program to regain your health through natural means.  You will ask him to help support your desire to titrate off medications that you no long need as you make these healthy lifestyle changes.
  2. If I am on medications can I ever get off them? Yes, many people are able to stop or minimize their dependency on pharmaceutical drugs with healthy lifestyle changes, a good holistic health care practitioner and support from their medical doctor.
  3. Is the process/program expensive? No, as there is nothing more valuable than your health.  Plus, at Acu-Na Wellness Center we make every attempt to have a price structure that works for the masses.
  4. Will I have to be in your program forever? No, we are teaching you skills to “make wellness a way of life” where you are NOT dependent on us or pharmaceutical intervention.  We will though be there to support your “self-care”.


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