Our Alluring Array of Massage Services

Determining The Most Effective Massage for Your Needs

If you’ve been feeling tight, sore, or you feel your body is not functioning at its most optimal, one of our numerous massage services (or custom hybridities of these massage services) could be just for what your body has been craving. Over time, our necks, backs, shoulders, and other areas of our bodies fall into disrepair simply by going through life’s daily rhythm and stressors. Rarely do we understand our bodies’ wants and needs in one assessment, particularly if we’re assessing our own bodies. During any of the massage services offered from Acu-Na, you will be greeted and guided by one of our well-trained holistic health experts and practitioners into a conversation about your body’s aches, pains, and goals. This process affords your holistic health expert the opportunity to better determine and suggest which one or combination of our massage services best suit your needs. Once a massage or hybrid massage has been agreed upon, your holistic health expert will then begin addressing your body’s discomforts — the first step towards a relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated you.


A Massage for Nearly Every Ache & Pain

Bodily discomfort and pain can be brought about by a host of issues. However, it seems that our daily lives are becoming the most common culprits in the plight against our bodies. As we sit, stand, and move, incremental impacts compound over time to signal a swatch of back, neck, shoulder, joint, and other bodily pains. Unfortunately, many clients’ pains stem from recent or decades-long pain ushered in by a traumatic injury, such as a break, fall, or complications from surgery. Fortunately, the many massage services offered from Acu-Na can be tailor-fitted to meet and address your body’s needs. Curious as to which massage might be best suited for you before reaching out to learn more? A brief overview of our massage services includes:

  • Reiki – While a mild departure from massage techniques with which you might be familiar, Reiki Healing Treatments are an excellent approach to restoring the body’s Life Force Energy. We strongly encourage those considering Reiki to learn more about the difference between Reiki and massage before selecting a massage service.  
  • Craniosacral Therapy – Much like Reiki, this service is considered a treatment, rather than a massage resembling one you might have experienced in the past. Remaining clothed, your holistic health expert will use gentle touch to relieve the body of restrictions in the craniosacral system, bringing out relaxation and balance
  • Acu-Na Signature Wellness Massage – Truly unique to Acu-Na, this massage approach incorporates acupressure, Tui’Na, and reflexology to combat stress, fatigue, and many chronic illnesses. Ultimately, this massage-treatment hybrid will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


The Path To A Restored & Repaired You is Waiting

While the deep and breadth of our massage services run both deep and wide, selecting the massage or treatment approach right for you and your discomforts is of the utmost importance. Are you ready to begin your restorative and rejuvenative process? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of Acu-Na’s holistic health experts massage therapists today.

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