Personal Wellness Sessions

Private Meditation with Sadhvi
Telehealth Coaching Session
Personal Health Coach Session with Karen

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Benefits of Meditation: Meditation quiets the mind and helps you learn to tune in to your thought patterns that may be hindering your progress towards your wellness goals. Meditation creates a sacred space in which you exist fully in the present moment, allowing worries of the past and future to melt away. You will learn valuable tools that you can use in your daily life to help calm your nervous system and engage with the stillness inside so you can manage the stressors of your daily life with ease and grace.

Benefits of Yoga: Yoga unites gentle body movement with deep, calm breaths. You will learn to bring focus to your physical posture while breathing into your muscles, allowing for deep release of the muscle patterns that may be causing pain or discomfort in your daily life. This practice can be customized to be deeply relaxing and restorative, or more active to build strength and open the joint spaces.

Benefits of Personal Health Coaching: Having a one-on-one guide in your wellness path is incredibly valuable to create a detailed but easy-to-follow plan that works for YOU. You will benefit from compassionate, non-judmental guidance and accountability to help you reach your wellness goals.

Do I have to have previous experience with these modalities?
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