TCM Herbal / Food Therapy / Lifestyle Consultation - 30 min

TCM Herbal / Food Therapy / Lifestyle Consultation - 30 min

TCM Herbal / Food Therapy / Lifestyle Consultation - 30 min
30 min

Consultation may be in-person, Telehealth or phone call. In this thorough initial consultation, your practitioner evaluates your symptoms, health history, lifestyle factors, and current medications and supplements to create a comprehensive diagnosis from the perspective of Chinese medicine. 1. We then use our extensive training and experience to compose a complex herbal formula catered to your individual needs. Your unique prescription is a balanced combination of potent medicinal herbs to address your present symptoms as well as underlying imbalances to bring you to a state of better health quickly and with long-lasting results. 2. This consultation includes dietary suggestions according to chinese food therapy principles. This information helps you achieve goals such as weight loss and reduction of chronic conditions including diabetes, adrenal fatigue, immune deficiency, and fatigue. 3. Your practitioner will recommended appropriate lifestyle changes and exercises including Qi Gong. You will leave with an understanding of Chinese Medicine principles and how they apply to your health and daily life. You will receive a comprehensive plan for achieving your health goals. You can expect to see immediate changes and long-lasting results with commitment to your treatment plan. 30 minute follow-up consultations are available as needed.

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