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Learn How to Stay Healthy Over Winter

Fall is an ideal time to look inward & see if we need more acupuncture healing to boost our immune system.Fall is upon us! As the weather grows cooler, we start to draw inward and we begin to let go of the highly energetic pattern of summer. We let go of the heat, our summer flip-flops, the vacations at the beach. As we let go of the past season, we can also look at our lives and see if there is anything else that we can let go of as we move forward. Are there any health problems that are holding us back? Are there any emotional patterns that aren’t serving us anymore? Are there any relationships that might be taxing us more than benefiting us? Fall is an ideal time to look inward and see what we can do to make ourselves healthy and happy as we move toward the cold of winter.

One of the best things to do health-wise in the fall is to make sure that the immune system is strong so that we will be able to fight the viruses that begin to spread at this time of year. A great way to support the immune system is through acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Acupuncture can help to clear any blockages that might be taxing your immune system, as well as nourish the organ systems that create resistance to environmental pathogens.

How Acupuncture Healing Works

In Chinese medicine, the energy that protects us from viruses and bacteria is called the Wei Qi. It is circulated by the Lungs and it is supported by the energy from the digestive system. In order to promote the Wei Qi and strengthen immunity, acupuncture healing can support the Lungs and the digestive system by using acupuncture points such as Lung-9 or Stomach-36. Lung-9 is known as Tai Yuan or the Great Abyss and it nourishes the protective energy of the Lungs as well as strengthening defenses against pathogens. Stomach-36 is known as Zu San Li which translates as Leg 3 Miles, which is said to mean that it will make the body strong enough to walk 3 miles without tiring. This point nourishes the whole body and regulates the energy of the immune system. The combination of these points with other points tailored to your specific needs can help protect you from the “bugs” that you might be exposed to during flu and cold season.

If you do happen to come down with a common cold or if you are suffering from seasonal allergies, acupuncture is effective at treating the acute symptoms and also speeding up recovery. We use points and techniques that help the body to release the pathogens and restore optimal function of the protective systems.

We offer private 60-minute acupuncture healing sessions Tuesday-Saturday and Community Style Acupuncture on Mondays for a reduced rate.

To help support your health and wellbeing this fall season, call us at 828-974-7058 to schedule your appointment!

written by Lily House


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