The Miracle Mineral: Why You Need Magnesium

Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body, but it is also the most commonly deficient mineral even in people who eat a healthy diet. 60% of your body’s magnesium resides in the bones, with the remainder found in the muscles, tissues, and blood. In fact, every cell of your body requires magnesium to function. It is a “helper molecule” taking part in over 600 biochemical reactions including:

  • Energy creation: Helps convert food into energy.
  • Protein formation: Helps create new proteins from amino acids in the foods you eat.
  • Gene maintenance: Helps create and repair DNA and RNA.
  • Muscle movements: Regulates the contraction and relaxation of muscles, particularly the HEART muscle!
  • Nervous system regulation: Helps regulate neurotransmitters, which send messages throughout your brain and nervous system.

Unfortunately, studies show that up to 50% of Americans don’t get enough magnesium in their diets. Even if you eat a balanced diet full of veggies, the unfortunate truth is that most foods we eat are grown in mineral-depleted soil so even healthy foods contain less magnesium than they did in decades past.

Why supplement magnesium?

Sleep Better- Magnesium is a calming mineral that helps settle the mind and relax muscle tension to promote deep sleep.

Boost Muscle Performance– During exercise, your muscles need 10-20% more magnesium than at rest. It helps move blood sugar into the muscle to give it energy for activity, and it helps dispose of lactic acid (the compound responsible for sore muscles after exercise).

Relieve Muscle Cramps and Knots– Magnesium regulates the contraction and relaxation of muscles. People who get leg cramps (especially at night) experience immediate relief once they increase their magnesium intake. If you have muscle tightness, this mineral is perfect for you too. Tension and muscle knots are basically areas of muscle fiber that are stuck in the contraction phase. Magnesium helps signal these muscle fibers to relax and function normally again.

Alleviate Depression- Magnesium deficiency is linked to depression. In a randomized controlled trial in depressed older adults, 450 mg of magnesium daily improved mood as effectively as an antidepressant drug.

Improve Insulin Levels/Protect against Type 2 Diabetes- Magnesium deficiency is common in diabetic individuals. This mineral helps reduce blood sugar and normalize A-1c levels.

Lower Blood Pressure- Research shows that magnesium helps reduce high blood pressure.

Anti-Inflammatory– Low magnesium intake is linked to chronic inflammation, which is one of the drivers of aging, obesity and chronic disease. One study showed that children with low magnesium intake had the highest levels of inflammatory marker CRP.

Relieve Headaches and Migraines- People who take magnesium are less likely to experience headaches. In one study, supplementing with 1 gram of magnesium provided relief from an acute migraine attack more quickly and effectively than a common over-the-counter headache medication

Reduce PMS Symptoms- Improves mood, reduces water retention and irritability in menstruating women.

The Best Magnesium Supplements

Now you are likely convinced that this simple mineral belongs in your medicine cabinet as part of your daily routine. So what’s the best way to take it? At Acu-Na Wellness Center we offer high-quality magnesium in two easy-to-take forms.

Amino-Mag is a tablet that contains magnesium in the form of an amino acid chelate to increase its absorption and eliminate the laxative effect that most store-bought magnesium supplements cause.

Topical Magnesium Oil or Balm– Mg12 is a local Tryon company making high-quality topical magnesium products including sprays, oil, or body balm to be applied directly to areas of muscle tension, cramping, or knots. This is a great way to get the tension-relief effect exactly where you need it.

Livon Labs Lypospheric Magnesium- This oral supplement comes in a liquid gel form to be taken with a glass of water. It is a formulation of lipospheric Magnesium L-Threonate, the only magnesium compound shown to significantly raise magnesium levels in the brain. Encapuslating this compound in Livon’s proprietary liposomal technology helps more of this nutrient absorb into your cells where it’s needed to support learning, memory, and cardiovascular system function. This technology also protects the nutrient through the digestive system and transports it into the bloodstream efficiently for maximum absorption and clinical effect. Additionally, the liposomes include 1000mg of essential phospholipids, which support cell structure and protect cell membranes from damage or toxins.

Livon Labs products are available at Acu-Na Wellness center

Micronutrient Testing- Test, don’t guess! If you’re unsure whether you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, we recommend Spectracell Micronutrient testing to evaluate the functional levels of cellular nutrients in your body. The comprehensive results will tell you about your levels of 28 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, fatty acids, and metabolites. You will also receive a measure of your carbohydrate metabolism, total antioxidant function, and immune response score. These in-depth results include suggestions for how to normalize your levels for optimal health and how to seek targeted supplements that support your exact needs.

Micronutrient testing available at Acu-Na Wellness Center along with other functional lab tests.

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