Experience the Joined Benefits of Acupuncture & Massage

If you suffer from chronic pain, having regular massages may not provide the relief you’re looking for. Here at Acu-Na Wellness Center, we recognize that every person who comes in to see us has his or her own personal struggles and will require his or her own treatment plan. That’s why we offer a wide variety of services from massage to acupuncture. For example, we don’t just offer one type of massage service; we offer a wellness massage, Chinese Tui Na massage, lotus thai, facial, massage services specialized toward pregnant women, and much more. We also offer combination treatments, such as the Acu-Na Massage/Acupuncture Deluxe Combo, a 90-minute session that is sure to help you relax and get out of pain. Keep reading to learn more about how massage and acupuncture work together to bring you optimal benefits.

How do acupuncture and massage work together?

Many people may consider acupuncture and massage therapy as two separate bodywork options that don’t go together, but they are more interconnected than you may think. In fact, acupuncture and massage therapy work together in many ways to promote optimal health and wellness. This is why we are well known for our acupuncture-massage combo.

Reduced Inflammation & Improved Circulation

Pain within the body is caused by a whole host of things, but one of the most common causes of pain is inflammation. When muscles are too sore to be worked on by a massage therapist, for instance, this is typically due to inflammation, which heightens the body’s response to pain. The massage therapist won’t be able to to reach the root of the problem in the deeper muscle layers in this case because doing so will cause the patient too much pain.

However, by combining acupuncture with massage, we can more easily promote the reduction of inflammation. Acupuncture can reach into the deep muscle layers that massages cannot, calming the area, reducing inflammation, and therefore relieving pain. Massage by itself is very effective in improving the circulation of a particular area in the body, and when you combine this fact with the anti-inflammatory and healing nature of acupuncture, chronic pain doesn’t stand a chance. If you have chronic pain, why not give this a try?

Ultimate Relaxation

Ultimately, when a client opts to combine massage therapy and acupuncture at our wellness center, he or she will benefit more from both. These two treatments combined enhance the effects of one another, and the combined session allows the professional taking care of you the advantage of using the most effective techniques for you. Besides providing better results, these combined sessions may also provide results that are longer-lasting.

Are you ready to schedule your Acu-Na Massage/Acupuncture Deluxe Combo session at our Hendersonville wellness center? Book your service conveniently through our online booking page, linked below. If you’re not sure the massage/acupuncture combo is right for you, learn about our other massage services here. We offer a wide variety of services in order to provide the best treatments for our clients’ individual needs. Discover the ideal massage modality for you.

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