Find Balance Through Integrated Massage

Do you feel out of balance? Are you overly stressed or experiencing symptoms like pain, headache, congestion, or digestive issues? Whatever your particular discomforts, we can help repair and relax your body through our signature integrated massage. Visit Acu-Na Wellness Center in Hendersonville today to discover what a custom-tailored integrated massage can do for your body, your mind, and your spirit.

What is an Integrated Massage?

While a traditional massage may generally aim to promote the relaxation of muscles and the release of pressure and tension, an integrated massage goes further by tailoring the techniques and modalities used to the client’s individual needs. Through integrated massage therapy, clients are able to find true relief from pain, stiffness, etc. because they are treated appropriately, as individuals with particular health and wellness needs instead of just another client with similar enough symptoms to treat with the same technique.  

Discover Custom-Tailored Massage Services

When you opt for an integrated massage at Acu-Na Wellness Center, you’ll explain to your therapist what your expectations are for the session, what health and wellness goals you have, and what your hopes are with regards to the massage itself. Using a variety of techniques and modalities, your therapist will structure a massage that will be ideal for addressing what you want addressed. For example, a client contending with significant stress may benefit most from a relaxing, warming massage utilizing basalt warm stones, but another client struggling with chronic pain may benefit most from techniques that use more pressure.

Our Integrated Massages Can Help

Relieve Pain

The massage therapists at Acu-Na Wellness Center can help you get ouf of pain through a variety of massage techniques meant to release fascia, break down scar tissue, improve circulation, release tight muscles, and allow the body to relax.

Reduce Stress

When many people think of massages, this is the one they consider. Your integrated massage for reducing your stress levels will focus on the overall relaxation of the body by providing gentle, gliding pressure on tight or sore muscles.

Improve Performance

Whether you prefer solo runs every morning or are a part of a professional sports team, integrated massage therapy can help you maintain a high level of performance by keeping your muscles strong and flexible and relieving any pains related to your active lifestyle.

Acu-Na Example Modalities


Acu-Na Wellness Center uses reflexology to promote detoxification, repair, and lower stress levels within the body. By applying pressure on particular reflex points on a client’s hands, feet, and/or head, the therapist is able to open blocked energy pathways and allow the body to find balance again.


Reiki uses a non-manipulative technique to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and balance the client’s “life force energy.” This method has a successful history of healing a variety of issues, including those that are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  

Have a question about the massage services offered here at Acu-Na Wellness Center? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We can be reached by phone or using our online contact form.

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