Governs: spring, liver, eyes, muscles, anger

The Wood element within us governs the establishment of our personal boundaries and plans, sense of vision, the emotion of anger, and the sound of shouting. When our vision or plans are stifled, we may feel anger or frustration.  If our Wood is healthy, we can readjust and recreate a new vision or plan. We can us the energy of spring for detoxification.


Suggestions for living in harmony with the spring season

  • Begin your day early, with a brisk walk.
    Feel the sunshine pull you up and out, like the plants and animals. Watch buds rush into leaf, often doubling their size in a day. Look for birds’ nests – you’ll find them everywhere, even on top of air conditioners. Feel the life within you, like that outdoors, thrust up out of darkness into new possibilities. Make a garden. Eat greens.
  • Begin new things – at home, in your work, and in yourself.
    In this season when nature reinvents itself, we too can see people and situations with new eyes. Let new tissue grow over old hurts, and take fresh hope. Be creative. Make things, do things. Begin!

Consider how you wish to make ready for your summer harvest.
Spring does not last forever. Use its bountiful energy wisely, so that the crops you sow – again, in yourself, in your work, and in your life – are those you wish to harvest. The energy of spring brings vision.


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