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Special Introductory Massage for New Clients

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Receive a one-hour introductory massage for $65.00. Included at no additional charge:

Join our membership program to continue to enjoy massages at a special price. Book an appointment online or call 692-2440.

Massage Therapy & Day Spa

Our very talented, licensed massage therapists offer massage therapy & body treatments. Our massage includes  Integrated Massage,  Speciality Massage, Electro Lymphatic Detox, Facial and Skin Care Therapy,Day Spa Body Treatments.

If you want a professional massage and bodywork, as well as energy healing give us a call today! Our massage therapist can help you"Make Wellness a Way of Life".

VIP Wellness Membership Program

Massage Therapy | Memership

Enjoy the therapeutic and stress relieving effects of a one-hour acupuncture, acupuncture/massage combination or facial treatment once a month. Become a VIP Member and receive unlimited one-hour combination treatments every month for the low rate of $65.00 per session. You also receive special pricing on other services during your membership.

Wellness Services

Acupuncture & Holistic Services

Massage Therapist | Hendersonville, NC

Our Wellness Center focuses on making wellness a way of life using acupuncture, lifestyle educationfunctional nutrition, chinese herbs, bodywork plus growth and awareness classes. We also offer services at Acu-Na Wellness Center for corporate wellness.